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Atlatl Darts

Now's your chance to become a Stone Age hunter!

Pronounced At-L-At-L, this thrown dart has been used since Mesolithic Times: and the Wild men of Chinnor (apologies), would have used this to bring down the woolly rhino (whose remains were found there). Austrailain bushmen still use it for hunting today!

This activity is intended as a follow-on from the Knife Safety session: as the children will each get to make and keep their own dart. (Though not with a flint tip!)

Once the children have each made a dart and had some practice throwing them, we will have a"darts match" and see if they can burst some balloons! (Time permitting).

This activity suits ages 10+ years.

Time span: 45 mins (usually). This activity can only be offered with the Knife safety lesson, as each child will be using a knife to make their dart: to therefore make an activity of 1.5 hours.

Group size: up to 10 children. (With 1 adult for every 2 children.) This activity has to be limited in numbers, so I can give maximum support & supervision to each participant.

£230 for a 1.5 hour activity

Please contact me if you have a query.


Incidentally, I am reliably told that the left hand flint point I made is not dissimilar to those found in Clovis, New Mexico in the US. I didn't know this at the time I made it. Clovis points date back 13,500 years: spooky!


Flint Atlatl points (made by me)

Flint Atlatl points - made by me

Throwing an Atlatl dart

Throwing an Atlatl dart

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