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Junior Trackers & Nature Detectives

We start with a brief safety talk, before we take a walk over to a quieter part of the wood. The children are introduced to the idea of being able to track woodland animals, and maybe each other! This activity requires the children to be observant and good listeners: as it will wake up their senses, and hopefully channel their energies into learning an ancient skill. Each child is asked to sit listening to the woods without talking for at least 5 minutes (not more that 10mins), to gain an understanding of which direction the woodland noises come from, which way the wind is blowing, where is the sun in relation to them: some of the tools a tracker needs. I will teach the children how to move quietly and we have lots of stalking games to see if we can sneak up on eachother. We will then go for a walk to see if we can get close to any animals. I will show how we pick up animal signs like feeding points, where animals have slept, droppings, trails and runs; plus, of course different animal footprints we find.

Tracking an animal can be a life-changing experience. It can also be addictive, and it can seriously reduce stress/make you a calmer more focused person too.

This activity suits ages 8 years and above.

Time span: 1.5 hours minimum, depending on what you wish. In order to begin teaching the basics of tracking children need an hour and a half with this subject.

Group size: up to 15 children. (With 1 adult for every 5 children.)

£230 for a 1.5 hour activity

Sessions generally last for 1.5 hours, but I am always happy to put together a longer activity to suit your requirements: this is your day, I will work with you to make it really special. Please contact me if you have a query.

Junior Trackers - sneaking up on Dad!

Sneaking up on Dad!

Sessions Times are available as follows: -

  • Weekdays - After School: 4pm till before last light (BST only)
  • Saturdays:10am, 1.00pm and 3.30pm (BST only);
    10am, 12pm and 2.30pm (Winter only)
  • Sundays: Afternoons 1.00pm and 3.30pm (BST only),
    12pm and 2.30pm (Winter only)
  • Parties at other times, or after school, by arrangement.

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