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Kate Fenn: Associate Instructor with Green School

Kate Fenn
Shropshire 2010






Kate Fenn : Associate Instructor

Kate and I have been good friends for several years and qualifed as Advanced Level Trackers at the same time. I greatly appreciate her input, friendship and continued support with Green School. She brings a calming serenity and sparkle to what she does, as well as great wisdom.

Living in Rural Wiltshire with a trained background in Egyptology and Archeaology, Health and Social Care, Kate has combined her Healing and Spiritual path with her love of travel and interest in ancient cultures. She has spent many years of research experiencing and exploring ancient Shamanic traditions and rites of the Native American cultures. The training, initiations and insights Kate received from these indigenous peoples along with constant work in this field in both Egypt and Europe, have led her to understand and practice many transcendental and metaphysical ceremonies and processes intrinsically related to Healing and the Human Journey.

Kate has for many years been teaching through the use of Meditation, Sweat Lodge ceremonies, Vision Quest Healing, and the Medicine Wheel. Her work is linked to and overseen by Rod Bearcloud well known for his Traditional ways and lodges on the reservations and wonderful visionary Artwork.

Kate has helped many to connect to their own power, healing and consciousness and open perception to the wider truths of Nature. Applying these gained experiences to assisting personal growth and understandings, derived from ancient tradition of wisdom, coupled with a very pracical knowledge of the works of nature.

Further Kate has explored the practical applications of her knowledge and training within the context of Outdoor Survival and Tracking and has gained certification in these fields, as well as practical sharing with the desert and indigenous peoples. She guides many to see and feel the deep connection and awareness of the land and the Brotherhood of Nature in a new light, not as seperate from ourselves but as a part of ourselves and brings a light of high awareness and great respect.

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