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Knife Safety

A knife is a most important tool and should be treated with respect: to a woodsman it is their first tool. This session introduces you to how to use a knife safely when whittling or carving wood.

I will go step-by-step to show how to safely make 4 basic cuts with a knife. By the end of the session each child will have made their own wooden tent peg to keep! It is a step-by-step session, held in a quieter part of the wood for smaller groups with a higher adult/child ratio (1:2) for a great level of supervision and support for those participating.

I will explain and demonstrate: -

  • how to sit or kneel whilst working with a knife
  • how to hold a knife for safe working
  • how to cut and carve keeping the cutting edge and point away from your body: so as to maximise safety.
  • why your knife should be sharp

    This activity suits ages 10+ years.

Time span: 1 hour (usually): depending on what you wish. It could be combined with another activity: e.g. Shelter Buiding or Atlatl darts, to make an activity of 1.5+ hours.

Group size: up to 10 children max . (With 1 adult for every 2 children: excludes Green School staff .) This activity has to be limited in numbers, so I can give maximum support & supervision to each participant.

£160 for a 1 hour activity;
£230 for a 1.5 hour activity if combined with Atlatl darts for instance.

Please contact me if you have a query regarding this session.

Knife Safety - at some point you will cut yourself, so a 1st Aid Kit is as important as a sharp knife!

A knife & 1st Aid kit: Safety First when using cutting tools

Sessions Times are available as follows: -

  • Weekdays - After School: 4pm till before last light (BST only)
  • Saturdays:10am, 1.00pm and 3.30pm (BST only);
    10am, 12pm and 2.30pm (Winter only)
  • Sundays: Afternoons 1.00pm and 3.30pm (BST only),
    12pm and 2.30pm (Winter only)
  • Parties at other times, or after school, by arrangement.
As with any outdoors activity, knife safety comes with an element of risk for those taking part. I take safety very, very seriously. This is why I offer this activity to smaller groups only, with a higher adult/child ratio for supervision and support, and to slightly older children. I will not allow anyone to join, or participate in, this session if I feel that their attitude, or behaviour, is in any way inappropriate, or constitutes a risk to others.

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