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Our Philosophy

We appreciate that the skills we have are nothing new: indeed many of them have been known to mankind for tens of thousands of years. But that said, we understand that for most people there are things that we, at Green School, take for granted. Lighting a fire, carving a wooden spoon, tracking an animal or building a shelter may be "everyday" to us; yet may be rather alien to others. In setting up Green School it has been my intention to offer everyone the chance to re-learn some of the things that our ancestors perhaps did every day.

In founding Green School I have not set out to take anyone back to the Stone Age by coming on one of our courses. What I hope is to get you up out of your chair and to book a place on a Taster session, Family Day or Weekend course and come and enjoy the experience for yourself. You may have already read a book on the subject, or watched something on TV perhaps; well now's your chance to have a go and start out on your own journey of discovery. I would like to say that in so doing you will find yourself becoming less stressed, and far calmer: as you re-discover the child of nature that dwells within each of us.

We recognise in ourselves that we are all still learning. We approach each time we go into the outdoors with the same level of enthusiasm, and sense of wonderment, we had as small kids when we were off tree climbing, den building, making bows and arrows or whittling sticks. Someone once said that "you're never too old to have a happy childhood". We at Green School all still possess that passion for learning and quest for exploration and self-discovery in what we do now. We see it as something that can enrich peoples lives as they re-connect with the rhythm and heatbeat of nature and the natural world. What we teach is from our own experience: indeed everything we offer each student is born from it. There is not necessarily a “right way” to do anything: although there are definitely "difficult ways", and occassionally “wrong ways”! At Green School we have all spent time in some physically and mentally challenging environments, and our skills have been gathered and learned over many years and from many differing experiences.

My intention for Green School is for it to be a resource to our local communities, holding the knowledge we have in an open hand and actively passing it on to all we meet; in much the same way as our ancestors did.

We hope to see you soon

Rod Anderson Boyle - Green School Founder

Rod Anderson Boyle
Green School Founder

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