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Roderick Lane ND: Associate Instructor with Green School

Roderick Lane ND
A "man on-track"






Roderick Lane ND: Associate Instructor

Known affectionately as "Rod the Elder", Rod is and important member of the Green School team. His knowledge and experience are extensive, and speaks for itself.

"My interest in bushcraft is inspired by my own childhood; I spent long endless summers running wild in the Kentish wood lands. It is the memory of the sights and sounds I experienced as a child and the sense of both quiet and adventure that still attracts me to walking and bushcraft, the feeling of being a part of and at one with my surroundings.  I believe that bushcraft is a mental attitude to life and your surroundings, not just the possession of gadgets and toys. The things that we learn from nature enable us to think ‘outside the box’ and can provide a positive and direct influence on our everyday lives. The woods and wilds are possibly the greatest and simplest therapy for modern man and his ills, the sense of quiet and ‘moving at the speed of leaves’ can provide a feeling of harmony that many find lacking in modern life.

"As a naturopath I have a keen interest in the diets our forebears ate and the system of medicine they evolved.  Archaeological evidence is showing us that the diets our ancestors followed before the advent of high starch grains was both healthier and far more therapeutic that that which we follow today  I am keen to pass on the simple and practical every day natural medicine solutions that can be carried in the mind, to all bushcraft students. I am a co-founder of the London College of Naturopathic medicine, which is acknowledged as offering one of the best Naturopathic training tuitions in Europe.

"My interests are bush medicine, Neolithic Archery, I own and shoot (badly) a white oak Meare Heath Bow.  I am the Author of the Adam and Eve diet and have self-published Sandsnakes Traditional Naturopathic Remedies and Tips for Bushcraft.

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